Westville Estate

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WESTVILLE ESTATE located at Akore Atan-ota, Ogun State is designed to provide housing needs for our esteemed customers. Individuals do not need to spend extra money on securing their houses with electrical fences alarm And CCTV. WESTVILLE ESTATE is in the same neighbourhood of Winners Chapele Atan police station and the site is located to the left side of the road.

Special Features
  • Gated and Fenced
  • Good drainage system
  • Stable power supply
  • Serene environment
  • Good road & security networks
  • Flexible payment plans (outright and installment)
  • No land grabbers (omo onile)
  • Low cost of allocation
  • Personal survey
  • Receipt
  • Deed of agreement
  • Estate Covenant
  • Offer letter
  • Letter of allocation
  • Acknowledgement letter of payment
  • Land purchase agreement
  • Canaanland
  • Covenant university
  • Bells university
  • Free trade zone at Agbara
  • Honda Nig Plc
  • Intercontinental Distillers Ltd
  • and other interesting places for commercialization.
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